The difference between a good and great company is knowing how to work with people.

W. Edwards Deming’s once said that “the problem with business is that it is afraid of dealing with the business of people.”
In today’s economy technology innovation isn’t enough to be a great company. It is widely recognized that the ability to harness human ingenuity is the competitive advantage for knowledge organizations.
Nu-HR provides the people management key to being a great company. I serve entrepreneurs, executives and their people with solutions built for modern businesses.

Nu-HR’s purpose is to give companies the confidence and practical means to deal with “the business of people”, not only in day-to-day situations but also as a way to gain a distinct advantage that cannot be imitated by competitors.

Nu – Human Relations partners with the HR people of young, growing technology companies to build unique, game changing people management practices to ensure their success with people. Or I just establish people management strategies and practices from scratch.

Nu-HR is a people strategy and talent management company. HR is usually seen as an admin and compliance function. I can also do that, but I prefer to focus on managing people through relationships. I help formulate the strategies and practices that underpin success with people. That’s why we are Nu-HR; we have a different, fresh and significant impact.

Solutions with simplicity

To be a truly great company you need to tap into the ingenuity of your people.

To tap into the ingenuity of your people you need to create the social structures that unlock their willingness to give their very best, every day.

  • People Strategy

    The road to being a company where people love to work starts with a well thought through people strategy.

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  • Talent Management

    The social systems and practices like recruitment, screening, remuneration, rewards, performance management, communication and development must align with and support the people strategy.

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  • HR Admin and compliance

    All of the above is supported by accurate data, benefits administration and legal compliance.

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People Management Roadmap

This road map outlines the structural elements to creating a high performance company. The work of “dealing with the business of people” can be organized into 3 major categories.
Each category consists of specific actions and practices to create a high performance organization.

Together we:

1. Analyze and understand your current:
• People dynamics
• Talent management
• Talent strategy
2. Envision a new people management future aligned to your business objectives
3. Plot a people management roadmap to a new future.
4. Support and enable your HR in the initial implementation phase.
5. Handover to your HR and management team.

If you need game changing people management, I’d love to learn more about your company and share a bit of my story